Canadian SciTech College



* Approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005


The Early Childcare Assistant program was developed to equip childcare workers with valuable knowledge, skills, and experience for employment as assistants in daycares or early learning centres.

It was designed to give students an overview of the responsibilities of an early childcare assistant and opportunities to perform those responsibilities.

In addition to covering early childhood development, program planning, communication, and other vital topics in childcare, the program also includes the role of computers in a childcare setting and how to use this tool to enhance the development in children.


Program Overview:

● General introduction to ECA

● Professional requirement and ethics of the Childcare Assistant

● Health and Safety

● Observations

● General introduction of Child development

● Children’s infancy development

● Children’s Toddle development

● Children’s Preschool development

● Guiding Children

● Program Planning

● Communication Skills

● Nutrition

● Practice


An Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, OR


Students are 18 years of age or older and pass the program entrance examination.


Graduates may find employment as assistant teachers in childcare centres and nursery schools or as a home child care providers. Job titles include :


● Child Care Assistant

● Child Care Worker

● Daycare Early Childhood Educator Assistant

● Day Care Worker

● Day Care Teacher Assistant

● Preschool Teacher Assistant

● Baby Care Worker

● Infant Day Care Worker

● Nursery School Helper

● Preschool Helper